House rules Apartment

• Smoking is prohibited in the apartments. If you smoke on the terrace, please take care of your neighbours. Please dispose of your cigarettes in the garbage.

• The rental property and all facilities provided for use must be treated with care. Please always close doors and windows when leaving the apartment to avoid damage that may occur as a result of severe weather. If you are a bit broken, please let us know straight away. So that we can regulate this "something".

• The waste generated must be separated according to local waste management requirements. Please ask for a short moment, we will gladly "instruct".

• Please do not dispose of food leftovers or hygiene products in the toilet.

• Parking on the entire property is at your own risk. No custody contract is concluded.

• Please remember your neighbours and lower your noise level to room volume from 8 pm. Inside and out.

• Unauthorized settings on the heating system should be omitted, as this is controlled centrally. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us.

• Please ensure a comfortable and clean condition of the apartment during your stay. Cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaner, bucket, broom, etc.) is available in each apartment.

• The entire apartment and kitchen must be left properly upon your departure. Please place the used dishes in the cupboards when cleaned.

• Please leave the apartment at least 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

• Playground & Swings: Use at your own risk.
Children: Please make sure that the garden door to the pond (next to sandbox) is always locked when (your) children are in the yard with or without supervision.

If you have any questions, need anything or need help, we are at your disposal with advice and assistance.

Your landlords wish you a good and relaxing stay

Christian & Hannelore Behling